What is a Trike?

A Trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle with a car engine. They are safe and comfortable to drive with two wheels at the back giving them great stability.


What kind of driver’s license do I need?

You can drive our trikes with any regular driving license.


Are the Trikes automatic?

Good news! All of our trikes are automatic, making them nice and easy to drive so you can enjoy your time with us even further.


Can we drive the trikes anywhere?

Not so fast! Our tours follow a set route led by our expert tour guides.


Is it required to wear helmets?

Wearing safety helmets is compulsory on our tours, we will provide you with a helmet in your size prior to the tour commencing.


Do we pay cash or card?

We accept both cash and credit/debit cards.


Can we bring our children on the tour?

Children aged 6 and above are welcome to sit in the back seat of our trikes, where seat belts are fitted for their safety.


Are we taking the Trikes off-road?

Our tours only use the roads of Madeira, with no off road driving.


What if the weather is bad?

If it is raining then we supply waterproof equipment so you can still enjoy your tour with us. However, in cases of extreme weather we may have to postpone and re-book your experience.